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Plus, with our Feel At Home offering of no roaming charges in 18 destinations around the world, you’ll be expected to update your Instagram with all those romantic holiday pics.Our leader Jackson is determined to #makeitright and get in shape this year, with the help of some fitness apps and Deezer on his smartphone.However, nailing the perfect selfie every time can be more of a challenge, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you out.All you need to do is snap, upload and sit back watching the likes roll in…There is a time, and a place for a ‘quickie’ and they can be sloppy fun.If your intention is to REALLY impress your woman in bed, then you should consider working on your sexual stamina.

From emoji etiquette to coping techniques for when someone calls and wants to actually speak to you, we got the lowdown from the love gurus at on how to wield your phone like the dating weapon it is.out of Tufts University found that young adults who owned pets were more likely to be engaged with their communities and take up leadership roles.Based on a survey of 500 participants ages 18 to 26, the research suggested that building relationships with an animal , a social app to connect dog owners for walks and playdates, launching this summer. That same urge to widen our intimate circle with a pet is the same urge that drives us to be social creatures, and we want our dogs to be part of that." of 1,000 singles found that 35% of women "have been more attracted to someone because of their pet" — and bonus points if it was a rescue rather than bought from a breeder.As far as first impressions are concerned your ringtone might be someone’s first insight into your inner soul. Here’s a handy guide on how to avoid headless crops and solo-only snaps. Are you a Secret Agent, Wanderer or Namaste Warrior…

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