Updating sql tables from excel

When you save the document, all your changes will be updated in the table in SQL Server.

To get the highest possible quality of data, several methods are used to guarantee the entered data: The new SQL Spreads trial is now available for download from this page.

It also offers powerful data generation in order to generate sample data for a SQL database.

In this post I will describe how SQL Spreads can be used to create an Excel document that will update SQL Server data.

In Windows XP, features are available from a set of menus.

The main command used in one of the tips is OPENROWSET.I will show how ranges in Excel are mapped to SQL Server tables and how to keep track of data quality.SQL Spreads works with standard Excel documents and adds the possibility to work with the data in SQL Server tables directly from Excel.Press or click the checkmark, then do a Fill/Down command: As you can see, column C now contains all of the update statements needed for changing the Email Promotion values. Saving these commands into a script (.sql) is particularly useful when the same changes need to be applied across multiple platforms/sites i.e., development, QC, production, etc.This is just a very basic example of this technique; other, more complex SQL/DML statements can be created depending on the requirement and only limited by your imagination.

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