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Let's say that you have a folder on your hard drive that contains thirty text files, and you want to import all of them to an Excel workbook. You want each text file to end up on its own worksheet in the workbook, so that you will have a total of thirty worksheets. One way to do this is to manually add the desired worksheets, and then individually import each of the text files. Text To Columns _ Destination:=Range("A1"), Data Type:=xl Delimited, _ Text Qualifier:=xl Double Quote, _ Consecutive Delimiter:=False, _ Tab:=False, Semicolon:=False, _ Comma:=False, Space:=False, _ Other:=True, Other Char:="|" x = x 1 While x This macro allows you to select which files you want to import, and then it places the data from those files onto the separate worksheets in the workbook. This, as you can imagine, would quickly get tedious. The macro assumes that the data being imported uses the pipe character (|) as a delimiter between fields. Add(Connection:="TEXT;" _ & fpath & fname, Destination:=Range("A1")) .

Shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes: Then you start a new visual for the Export: Choose R-visual and check the fields that you want to see in your table.

Select End With ' No go in 2003 '2: with the range object 'select an entire column (data only) o Sh. Select 'select an entire column (data plus header) o Sh. Select 'select entire data section of table o Sh. Or what is the best way to handle diffrent tables or sheets in a XLA.

Add method: Sub Table Inserting Examples() 'insert at specific position Selection. Function Get Insert Row(obj List As List Object) As Range obj List. Run-time error - 2147319765 Automation error Element not found. Thanks Regards S Srinivas Hi Jan, Thanks for the hint! How can I reach the sheets in the xla by a self written function or procedure?

In this article, we’ll cover eight different ways you can import information into your Word documents; some will be useful for things like reports, others will be good for form letters and similar projects, and others will just save time in a few specific situations when you need something out of the ordinary is terrible. Fortunately, Microsoft had the foresight to let you include tables directly from Excel into your Word document so you can do all the formatting in Excel, where it’s a lot easier.

To get started, select the cells you want to copy in Excel, hit Edit Paste Special…

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