Updating an couch who is julie henderson dating

If you hate the fabric on the sofa and reupholstering isn’t an option, consider painting your sofa with a mixture of textile medium and paint!Painted Sofa | Design Sponge Or you could stain it!When your couch is getting on in years, it can get discolored, spotty, stained and generally worn down; however, you don't have to go out and spring for a new one.New furniture is pricey and finding something you like secondhand can be tough, so use a little ingenuity and creativity, and you can update a discolored couch without spending a fortune."For the living room, I like to change up the throw on the back of the sofa," Emily told POPSUGAR."You put a really pretty throw on it and all of a sudden, it has a lot of style.Then I found the sofa we have now at Salvation Army for 5.00. The fabric isn’t faded, stained, snagged, or ripped. Oh, I tried stuffing them with batting (like you can see in the photo above)–but then they were just a stiff, bulky mess.

New Old Sofa | With Heart Or save money by reupholstering your sofa yourself, with drop cloth!She says it's one of her favorite ways to get creative and bold with home design since it's easy to change up.She suggests people with a simple, solid sofa scour flea markets for a vibrant vintage blankets while those on a budget find a trendy throws to display each season at a store like Target.And that's a lot of bang for your buck, just a blanket and it really does make the sofa look totally different!" Emily practices what she preaches, swapping a new throw atop the sofa in her own home often.

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