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Our support team may be reached on the "Contact" page if you require assistance.“We have been hacking a solution to this problem for our daughter's preschool for over a year.Quickly search through our offering and find your ideal house.When you find matches on Kamernet, you can contact landlords and roommates directly.

Well in our Downtown Hostel there are a couple of Private Rooms available for you.On average, students found they were being over-charged by some EUR 55, which increased to EUR 100 in Amsterdam Utrecht.Rent levels for single rooms are restricted by certain conditions, mostly depending on size and facilities offered.Because the number of students in Amsterdam and other popular student cities exceeds the number of rooms available, this can be difficult and time-consuming.The student union LSVb reported in 2017 that almost three-quarters of students who carried out online checks on their rent levels found their bill too high.

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