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There is certainly a long standing tradition of convenience stores owned by desis (think Apu Nahasapeemapetilon from the Simpsons) but maybe the subway desi franchising is something we all know and recognize but just haven't gotten around to documenting. "LOVE is the greatest," writes one 000baby, a 25-year-old woman from Monrovia, on Absolute Agency.

She was one of five pages of Liberian girls listed by the agency the last time I checked up, in mid April 2009.

Africa GALCK – The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya – LGBT org in Kenya.

Contact them to be added to a mailing list for events and to connect to others in the country.

(Twitter account here) Middle East Helem – LGBT advocacy organization based in Lebanon.

(Twitter account here) LGBT Articles LGBT Aid workers: deployment dilemmas (via FMR) Revealing My Sexuality Could Make My Job Impossible (via Rutgers) LGBT Humanitarian Sites/Blogs The Gay Humanitarian – Anonymous blog for gay employees in the humanitarian and non-profit sector. Job Sites Devex Idealist Reliefweb Foreign Policy Association Job Board LGBT HR Policies You can find our HR Policy Resource Center here.

If you have additions you would like to see feel free to contact us.

Relevant LGBT Resources Toolkit for Integrating LGBT Rights Activities into Programming in the E&E Region – A resource from USAID on integrating LGBT rights into programs in the Europe and Eurasia region.

International LGBT Organizations UNGLOBE – United Nations organization for LGBT UN employees ILGA – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association.

I wanted to let you know just in case you happened to leave a club early to just to check out a post on a Sunday, saw that there was none, assumed I was dead, and hurled yourself off a rocky cliff, or worse, married Sean Penn. For years I have been offering to date impoverished nations and war torn regions.

Unfortnunately, my “People of ______, Will You Date Me? And that hill is also on top of a huge plateau that is floating on an island in a sea of really gross garbage water that everyone else is swimming as they look up at that awesome city way up there.

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    According to the authors, "...virtually without exception, these studies found that physical punishment was associated with higher levels of aggression against parents, siblings, peers, and spouses."There are a variety of mechanisms to explain these psychological changes.