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The following is a summary of what they reported: The feeling this list gives me is that there are two broad categories of Taiwanese guys out there.

Some that prefer to only date Taiwanese women, and some that would like to date western women but cite barriers such as language, shyness, or lack of opportunities.

中文版 Since living in Taiwan I’ve noticed very few Taiwanese guys with western girlfriends or wives.

But there is no shortage of western guys with Taiwanese girlfriends or wives. I’ve been curious about this and have probed my Taiwanese friends from day one.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights activists had harboured high hopes their years of campaigning for same-sex marriage would win the court's backing.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party that swept national elections in the self-ruled island last year supports the change.

3a infection in Taiwan associated with men who have sex with men.

A charity in Taiwan is offering sexual services to the disabled, highlighting a small but growing global trend.

The non-profit, known as Hand Angel, is run by “Vincent,” who is confined to a wheelchair and has been unable to use his legs since he was a child, when he was stricken with polio.

The charity essentially offers, for lack of a better term, handjobs to people who lack the physical ability to either engage in sexual activity with a partner or fulfill their own sexual needs.

Those might include someone without hands or arms, or an individual with several mobility problems.

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