Copeland spode dating date marks

Not all of the items sent for Identification are genuine; for example these copies of German figures with fake ‘SPODE’ marks painted in red on the base.

A gentleman in Yorkshire asked about this Copeland plate handpainted with canaries.

This version was printed in blue and coloured in red, pink and green with white patches at the edge of a large leaf.

In 1937 another version with extra tracing in gold on the branches and the leaf patches was recorded as pattern number Y4879. The Morris shop was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright who chose a service of Cabbage for use in his own home.

A lady from Oregon, USA enquired about this transfer printed Copeland Spode’s ‘Seasons’ pattern serving dish, c.1909 An enquirer from Cornwall asked about this Copeland Spode Slop Pot and Cover (from a Toilet Ware set) decorated with pattern number 2118, impressed date code for 1906. This was originally sold as a consignment to Canton in 1829 from the Spode and Copeland warehouse in London .

The metalwork is embossed ‘Spode and Copeland, London’.

However, the only definitive way to date a particular piece is to identify a pottery impress-date on the 'white ware' (the bisque-fired pottery item prior to decorating).

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Cabbage pattern had been reintroduced on earthenware in 1910-1911 (pattern numbers 2/6207 and 2/6347) and was later brought into the Lowestoft New Stone range in 1934 as pattern Y3936.The Stone China body was discontinued in about 1993.A selection of the early 19th century Spode pattern 2061 is in the collection of the Spode museum.This allowed filling sales orders in rough potting date sequence.Unlike pharmaceutical ‘EXP.’ dates, there is no assurance regarding an impressed potting date and when an item was actually decorated with its date-attributable design.

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